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Easy Ways You Can Feel Happier, Be Healthier and Live Longer Starting NOW!

Written By Zed Altair on Friday, June 7, 2013 | 12:07 AM

Let’s just say… first thing when you popped out of bed this morning, you woke up and found a little yellow post-it note stuck on the bathroom mirror that could transform your life. You smiled, instantly recognizing this very familiar word.

Laughter is the no cost, no effort, super simple, fabulously fun, overnight solution to happier, healthier, better living. American scientific and medical journals have cited the medical and psychological benefits of laughter. This is no laughing matter.
Laughter can heal your pain… reduce your stress… help you sleep like a baby… diffuse tense in difficult situations… boost your immunity… foster creativity… multiply your productivity… extend your life… expand your point of view… bond you to others… increase your charm and charisma… make you feel happier… and help you live in the moment.
Wrap yourself in a humorous perspective and laugh your way to a seriously healthy, happy and upbeat life!
Here are 10 easy ways to grab more giggles and exercise your funny bone…
1. Get a Funny Buddy. Unite yourself with a laughing partner, friend, buddy or companion that you always know you can turn to for a laugh. Make a laughing agreement and shake on it, then surround yourself with more funny people.
2. Lose your wits. Be super silly for 10 seconds and let your brilliant foolish kid out to play.
3. Be a Silly Spectator.
4. Make Over the Ordinary. Recount your everyday experiences in a fun way and relive them! It’s the ordinary, everyday, run of the mill things we find funny. Some of the best sitcoms and funniest comedians (Seinfeld is a perfect example) create material out of the everyday perils of life.
5. Give Your Stories a Pay Off! The best stories have a punchy point, a profound lesson or a great big finish. Give your friends a payoff for their attention. Let ‘em dangle in anticipation before you end with a big bang! Adding more energy, impact and volume will give your story meaning, closure and give you the rewards of laughter.
6. Make it Big! Describe something gigantic.
7. Demand Door to Door Comedic Entertainment. Blockbuster now offers unlimited door to door delivery service with your favorite DVDs without any pesky late fees or due dates. No kidding! You’re in for some serious first rate livin’ when you think about the movies, laughs and life entertainment that will be waiting for you on your doorstep.
8. Fake a Roll or Take a Part. Play Scarlet O’Hara or just ham it up for the day and walk through life with a particular point of view, strong opinion, clever persona, funny accent or problem that you must solve. I’ve got a New York City cowgirl (don’t call me an urban buckle bunny) persona in my hip pocket just waiting to come out.
9. Let Off Some Silly Steam. Have a few funny incidents lined up in your head that you can flash to before you disagree, bicker or complain. Even the slightest smile will ease ill feelings and spread goodwill throughout the land. Focus on the amusing or just plain weird moments that you’ll want to recap with your friends and laugh about later.
10. Hunt Down the Funnies. Think about what makes you laugh, the ironies of life that amuse you, the comedians you adore, the books that make you laugh aloud and which funny shows you refuse to miss.
Exercise your sense of humor so you can trim your body, increase your joy and be a magnetic force that attracts others to you. Let your fun, gregarious side shine and give gushing benefits of laughter to everyone around you.
CAUTION: Laughs have been known to be contagious.


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