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Happiness Is Closer Than You Think

Written By Unknown on Monday, April 8, 2013 | 2:02 PM

If you're not feeling right or you think that you've lost your mojo then sound the trumpets, because I've got some great news for you! If you can't seem to generate the success you desire, you've got money challenges or you can't start or keep relationships, read on because I've found the answer to all of your problems (well most of them I hope). It is certainly possible to completely change your thinking and so improve your life. Then, happiness is closer than you think!


My parents were poor immigrants and money was a real problem in our family. Though my problems didn't stop there. I used to be a target to bullying and so I also developed anger issues, sadness issues, anxiety, numerous phobias which lead to depression, I was a wreck. I found alcohol and drugs.
"I felt like a big keg of dynamite and the fuse was getting shorter and shorter!"
I tried the traditional medical system without success. My anger issues were getting worse and I felt like a big keg of dynamite and the fuse was getting shorter and shorter.

I then came across an article in PsychologyToday Magazine which said that "NLP is the most powerful vehicle for personal change in existence," that certainly got my attention. I read on and discovered that NLP stood for "Neuro Linguistic Programming". It's amazing how when you're really committed to finding an answer, the right one soon arrives.

The answer came from a trusted friend who offered me a ticket to an NLP weekend and within just hours of hearing all about NLP and experiencing it live, I was gob-smacked by what you could do with NLP. I immediately signed up for all the trainings; "NLP Practitioner, Masters and Presenters training" - you've got to remember, I was desperate and this seemed like a positive way forward.
I also learned that you can change your very beliefs that are at the core of unwanted behaviors and as a result you can change the outcomes. Then another life changing shift occurred when I learned how to shift my values in my Masters training. Mind you, the rapport training in Practitioner and changing (in essence) my operating system had a huge influence too. Anxiety, depression, sadness and anger issues are gone.
I became so impassioned by NLP that I kept learning it until I ran out of training and my only option was to start teaching it. My life is like chalk and cheese these days and I'm so happy that I can help others by helping them to make a positive influence in their lives.
NLP is a set of very powerful tools and insights and you may hear of some negative publicity around it.
So if you're having some challenges take heart, there is a solution, give NLP a go. I love what Neale Donald Walsch says when a problem arises, "What would love do now?" Follow your heart and you'll always find happiness somewhere on your journey. Just keep looking; happiness is closer than you think.
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  1. Journal keeping is the simple strategy that allows us to express our personal feelings and experiences. This practice can provide that "fresh air" and emotional release that we seek when dealing with difficult times. Journal keeping can also increase personal clarity and give insight into ones purpose and life's lessons.

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