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Happiness - Where It All Begins

Written By Zed Altair on Thursday, April 4, 2013 | 2:10 PM

This is the Genesis for my thought on the pursuit of happiness.
What is happiness?
According to Dictionary.com, "happiness" is the "quality or state of being happy," and "happy" is "characterized by or indicative of pleasure, contentment, or joy: a happy mood; a happy frame of mind." One interesting thing to note is that according to Dictionary.com, "happy" also means to be "favored by fortune; fortunate or lucky."

Happiness - Where It All Begins

Herein lies the chicken and egg question. What comes first? Happiness or fortune/luck?
Personally, I believe that the former is the forerunner for success and fortune/luck.
Why do I say so?
If one is happy or feeling happiness, the fortune or whatever there is out there will not be the determinant of his source of happiness or joy. All those will not matter. I can simply say that those things will be bonus and additional joy to him.
You may think this is complete nuts! How can one be happy if he is lacking, e.g. in the area of finances, material possessions or even a roof over his head.
You are not without your point or argument. It is on this basis that I would like to share this article with you, and my thoughts on true happiness and the wonders and power of it. I hope that it will bless you and propel you onto the path of true happiness.
Let's go back to the definition. "Happiness" is the "quality or state of being happy." Let's focus on the word "state." Let's dig deeper and check out what "state" means. Once again, according to Dictionary.com, "state" means "a particular condition of mind or feeling."
So what do all these mean?
It means that happiness is not given or produced from some ownership of luxury goods or properties. It is also not derived from people or some special events. Of course, all these can be sources of happiness and joy. However, all these external sources are meaningless if one cannot feel happiness from within, since his happiness gauge in life is dependent on all these events and sources.
In order to embrace the true happiness, the one that gives you power and creativity, the one bringing you to another zone or level, we have to look at the ultimate purest source of happiness - Our minds.
Why do I say that it is purest? It is pure because it can be independent, unyielding to the events of the external worlds. Notice I used "can be." Our mind is the most important we need to be successful in life, which means happiness and also success in all other areas. However, it can also be the destructive force for person, bringing them to the deepest of the valleys they will ever experience in their lives. I will share more about the mind in my other posts.
The important point I would like to bring across is in the fact that we are ultimately the source of our happiness. We have to learn that we can create happiness internally with our minds and manifest it externally. We can learn to better interpret the events of our lives with our minds and not let it have any negative impact on us.
If you are constantly unhappy with your life, I sincerely urge you to really look into yourself, internally, and examine the parts that are pulling you down the path of constant anger and dissatisfaction. If you let your mind be on auto-pilot, you will not be able to lead a happy and fulfilling life, for your journey is dependent on how your mind interpret it.
What I want to highlight in this particular post is the fact that nothing else matters other than yourself, if you truly want to lead a happy life. You can be with a jerk or a ultra lousy boss, or even a back stabbing colleague, and still be truly happy with life and have the power to improve the quality of your life.
This knowledge itself is so powerful because I am sure there are people out there who still thinks that their happiness is really dependent on others or certain events, when they actually are not.
Acknowledge the power that you have in determining that you are the source of your happiness, and I can assure you that it will bring you abundance in power to live life to the fullest. You will also gain the creativity and access to the brain power you never thought you have. Ideas will start flowing through and into your mind, bringing to you answers and solutions to that which you are thinking or focusing on.
Why then does happiness unlocks so many things in your life?
If you are happy with your life, or in a contented state, whatever that is happening is the external world no longer matters. You will always be able to find a positive and happy meaning to everything that crosses your path. You will feel less burdened for you know that there is nothing you can control on the outside. However, you know fully that despite of that, whatever that is inside, you are in control. This means a sense of freedom and power to create the meaning that you want for your life.
Remember, you are the where your happiness begins! You CHOOSE to find happiness in whatever you come in contact with by training your mind into a habit of always finding the good out of any situation. You also constantly CHOOSE to look for things to be happy about.
It is a state that has to be maintained.
Is it easy? Hell no!
Is it hard? It really depends on how diligent you are and how much you want to live a happier life.
But you know what? I sincerely know that when you are ready and open, humbled by your life experiences, you will find the truth in this post. After which, you will have the faith to believe that you can be a better person.
There is a place and time for everything. You can also make it a point that the place and time for your happier life is NOW.
I hope that with this post, a seed is planted in you, and that you will start to look forward to a life of limitless potential for yourself!
I know there is one out there for everyone of us. Everyone can have a taste of the goodness of life!
Live life happily and powerfully! =D
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