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Do You Delay on Your Own Happiness

Written By Zed Altair on Sunday, April 7, 2013 | 10:06 AM

Do you delay on your own happiness right now!? For me, it's an obvious outcome of a mind that is motivated by pleasure and pain; occasionally your mind is going to do whatever it can to avoid that pain (or perceived pain at least) because, to be quite frank, it can think of better things to do. You think about doing that job that needs done, you can't be bothered because its boring/painful/hard/long/dirty (delete as applicable) your mind gives you a picture of something much more interesting like doing nothing or eating chocolate. Pleasure wins.
Do You Delay on Your Own Happiness

So why then do we procrastinate on our own happiness? Why do we say things like 'I'll be happy when...? ‘Or 'I'm going to wait until I have a new job before I lose weight/leave the bad relationship/get the good relationship' or whatever it is you say that delays the onset of the life you want. This type of behavior suggests that we perceive some sort of pain with being happy, does it not? Otherwise, why would we wait? Like right now!?
I think the pain we associate with happiness is our fear that happiness is fragile, a delicate, precious thing that is easily cracked, smashed or stolen especially by other people. We think we have to be bulletproof to allow ourselves to show our happiness to the world. You have to show your happiness to the world in order to become bulletproof.
Happiness, whatever that is for you, is waiting for you right now. You can have it now if you choose to, I promise. Why not decide to be happy right now and use that as fuel to leave your crappy relationship? Why not decide to be happy right now just because you ruddy well can?
I'm not that bothered if you procrastinate about cleaning your bathroom. To be honest in the grand scheme of things it's not going to make that much difference to your life (unless its really bogging then gets your finger out ya manky so and so!!!!).
The longer you wait, the less time you get to enjoy it. Face your demons, confront your fears, start doing and stop waiting.
Be strong. Be happy. So back to question early,  do you delay on your own happiness right now!? Don’t do that!
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