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How to Get Happiness in Life

Written By Zed Altair on Saturday, April 6, 2013 | 2:38 PM

How to get happiness in life not easy because some reason. As a little child, the ultimate source of happiness for me was watching two raindrops race down my window. For reasons unknown, it would delight and excite me every time it rained and I would slide my glass window close to kick-start a competition between two tiny raindrops.
how to get happiness in life

Gulping down mug after mug of black coffee, I had started to equate happiness with material wealth; materialistic possessions, a better bank balance, a six figure pay check, and the latest gizmo was supposedly my ticket to happiness.
However that feeling of indescribable elation, the sheer joy that I experienced while watching raindrops race, was nowhere to be found. Today, after having truly understood what happiness is I can simplify the clich├ęd word into 'something that makes you feel warm and content inside'.
The connotation of Happiness is much wider than simply being affluent; it is being content with what you have, and who you are.
A person who has learned to seek happiness inwardly and who does not depend on external stimuli, tend to lead a happier, content, and stress-free life. As a perfectionist I strived to excel at every aspect of my life, without even once considering whether my life really needed any tending to the way it was.
This drive to compete, be perfect, and excel propelled me to a stressful life and before I knew it, I was suffering from acute anxiety and high blood pressure. That was my personal speed breaker. It forced me to re-evaluate the quality of my life and the present state of my emotional being.
Why didn't my coveted possessions make me feel happy? Why was I happier as a kid? The reason I came up with, after a thorough introspection, was that life back then was much simpler.
Leading a simple life is within the capable means of every individual; it is simply a matter of whether one is willing to put into practice this simple way of life
I realized that the first step to making a long-lasting change is to rehash my attitude. I had to change my beliefs regarding happiness, the perception of its source, and the lack thereof. Will cancelling this vacation with my family in lieu of a new contract give me more happiness or spending time with my wife frolicking around in the ocean, be my chosen definition of happiness. I didn't change overnight.
Moderation is the key
My doctor had advised me to lower my intake of salt and to simplify my way of life when I was suffering from stress and blood pressure issues.
It's all about finding the right balance
I cannot stress upon this point enough. I would often neglect my family and concentrate solely on work, which did make me rich but definitely not enriched or fulfilled.
Right-Size your expectations
By compelling myself to work for longer hours, I was taking my health for granted, along with my relationships, and even maybe my life.
There is no abstruse, well-kept secret to happiness. And no matter what therapists and life coaches tell you- always remember that the foundation on which any path to happiness, is built with simplicity as the foundation. Simplify things and you will be much happier and content.
So, the right choice for how to get happiness in life is don't wait for years to be happy, start now, start today!
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