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Five Tips For a Blast of Happiness

Written By Zed Altair on Wednesday, April 3, 2013 | 4:57 PM

There are many pleasures in this world, but if you could enjoy it!? How do you enjoy it when you do not have enough space in your life for a pleasure!? Allow me to try to share five tips for a blast of happinessI want to encourage you to make it your happiness ever!


If you are suffering from a case of the heebie jeebies relating to the number 13 in 2013, you may have been able to reschedule everything that fell on Friday the 13th but rescheduling or staying in for the entire year of 2013 is unfathomable and without doubt unworkable!

The fear of 13 is a serious debilitating condition. According to the Stress Management Centre and Phobia Institute USA, an estimated 21 million people in the USA alone are effected by Friday 13th making it the most feared date and day in history. People avoid driving, taking flights, even getting out of bed. An estimated $900 million in business losses are attributed to this one day alone!

While the number 13 is synonymous throughout history with bad luck, Igor Radun from the University of Helsinki's Institute of Behavioural Sciences says "There are no lucky or unlucky numbers; they exist only in our heads. There is no reason to believe that any number would be lucky or unlucky." Nonetheless, millions around the world over history and to this day continue to be afflicted by this superstitious suffering.

The fear of 13 is so great in our world that there is even an official name for it 'triskaidekaphobics' created in 1911. It is a specifically recognized phobia by professionals. Hotels omit room 13, Architects often omit a 13th floor from their plans and it is estimated that a whopping 80% of buildings don't have a 13th floor today. In formula one car racing the number 13 is not used, it is skipped all together. The Norse myth that spread far and wide in Europe was that 13 people at a table will result in the death of one of them. Napoleon, President Hoover and President Roosevelt were triskaidekaphobic. Roosevelt would never host 13 guests at a meal. If 13, he invited his secretary to join them. He also avoided travel on the 13th day of any month. Parizians take it so seriously that you can hire a 'quatorzieme' or professional 14th guest for dinner!

A little known fact is that 13 have not always been considered unlucky by the masses. 13 were once long ago considered a lucky number as was anything attached to 13. Take for example the moon, an important factor for life on earth, every day moves 13 degrees around the earth and it takes 13 days to change from a full moon to a new moon. Thus a pendant of the moon was once considered to bring the wearer good luck. It wasn't until the middle ages that 13 plummeted.

If you was reading last article about happiness flash, You call this article part II.  With a shift in your mindset, you can take on the number 13 as a source of strength. Take Taylor Swift, born on December 13th, an international country-pop star, whose first album went gold after 13 weeks. Awards have been given to her when seated in the 13th seat or row at an event. When performing her has the number 13 written on her hand; she considers it her lucky number.

We know that how 13 affect you is simply a matter of choice. Carolos Barrios, a Mayan elder said re 2013 "The world... will be transformed... everything will change... now is the time to awaken and take action." So here are my top 5 tips to take action so your happiness can bloom in 2013:

1. Number one, change your mindset by utilizing your inner power of 'choice'. Decide firmly that is a great year no matter what.

2. Find positive associations linked to the number 13 and keep these reminders around your home or in your diary so you can look at them frequently and take on their positive reinforcement of the number 13.

3. Write out 1-3 goals that are reasonable and achievable. For example, if you are feeling anxious, frustrated and even out of control you might want to look at decluttering your home which helps to relieve stress as it declutters your mind too.

According Australian decluttering expert Peter Walsh "Organizing is the act of giving yourself more time and peace of mind." This one goal alone can create mental and physical space, release negative emotions and generate renewed fresh energy for the year ahead.

4. Write out an action plan to achieve your goal. Start from the end date (the date you wish your goal to be achieved by) and work backwards with steps for each month, week and day that you need to do in order to make the goal a reality. The reason a lot of New Year goals never manifest is because there was no action plan to go with it. Without a map and action, nothing will ever happen no matter how many times you affirm or wish for something.

5. Get yourself an accountability partner for each goal. It's too easy to slip your focus off the target when there is no one to hold you accountable. A coach or a counselor is best however you can start with a 'positive' friend who will be willing to take on this role and go over your plans once a week with you to keep you accountable and on track. This person must agree to reinforce and positively review and encourage your progression. This will help you to over come any obstacles by focusing on solutions and not complaining so you don't get stuck, lack motivation or focus, and give up.

So my friends, let's all take positive action and move forward, onwards and upwards with our goals and make your happiness blooms. Make it your best year ever!

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