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Happiness is Yours for the Taking

Written By Zed Altair on Saturday, April 6, 2013 | 2:10 PM

Happiness. The pursuit of so many. In fact, we are known in America as those who live for "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.'
But so many seem without happiness. It is my contention that happiness is yours for the taking. That is, anyone can be happy if the choose to be... and if they know how to get it.
Happiness is Yours for the Taking

So what does it take to bring us to a state of happiness?
Do not try to control circumstances.
One of the biggest "happiness busters" I see is in the frustration people experience (and wallow in) because circumstances have gone awry. Understand that you can only control yourself.
You can't control the weather, other drivers, your kids or spouse, or anything for that matter outside of your own beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and actions. Focus all of your attention on developing yourself and doing what is right - controlling yourself while letting what will happen, happen - and you will find happiness opening up within you.
It is interesting to me how many options we have - good options - that if we pursue them they will actually crush our happiness because they will take us away from what will really make us happy.
Live for a legacy. Yes, we only control ourselves, but we can live for the betterment of others. Live your life in such a way that others are touched and you will find yourself feeling happiness in ways that you could never imagine. There is little else that brings me such happiness!
Settle your finances. Whatever your financial goals are, get them! We all have different desires, needs, and goals. But the key is to know what you want your financial life to look like and then do what it takes to get there.
Surround yourself with good friends. Good friend are such a blessing! I have three or four people in my life that I completely trust and admire. When friendships are clicking, there is almost nothing that provides more happiness. Take time to develop your friendships. Spend time with them, do fun things with them etc. Even as life gets more and more busy, make time with your friends a priority.
Develop your primary love relationship. When it isn't going well, it affects every area of your life negatively. Do whatever you can - work hard - at developing your primary love relationship. The rewards of happiness you reap will be tremendous!
Happiness is yours for the taking - and hope you will take the time to develop your life in such a way as to be able to experience all of the happiness you can handle!
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