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Suff3ring and H4ppin3ss

Written By Zed Altair on Wednesday, May 1, 2013 | 6:56 PM

The one feature that sets lifestyle on 3arth apart from a heaven is having complications. It presents a issue for humankind and calls for a solution. This issue is applicable to individual wishes, the satisfaction of which is often difficult and unclear, if not difficult, and always temporary, in need of renewal; it is ruined to end earlier or later in loss of life.
One excessive way of fixing this issue is to destroy these wishes by removing yourself from their things, while offering the body with minimum care, or to simply destroy yourself. This detachment comprises in regarding these things as illusory or useless. It continues from defeatism or mysticism. In situations where lifestyle offers opportunities of satisfaction in the success of enjoyable activities and respectable responsibilities, this detachment is early or dubious. Like destruction in such situations, it may indicate a melancholy personality, noticeable by negligence and cowardliness.
The opposite of this excessive way is the base of modern society. It means a persistent connection to the things of the wishes, such as great health, satisfaction, common love, and success. It also indicates a persistent attempt to fulfill these wishes.
Now, this attempt cannot be effective without a knowledge around the globe, humankind included, or the technicalities thereof. It generates and eventually satisfies the need for technology, in the largest sense of the phrase, and technology, which is the art of making the regulations of characteristics serve individual passions.
Furthermore, it is a sensation of pride, despite the mistakes and the problems that are a sign of fallibility. This sensation connected to individuals who go to great measures to achieve their earthly purpose - in a term, individuals who stick to this principle: Endeavor to flourish. It is unique to a fearless lifestyle, ever having complications against complications and modifying, never tedious. In evaluation, a lifestyle of relaxing negligence or an afterlife of relaxing satisfaction (by meaning as desire less, simple and easy, pain-free, and changeless as a mineral) is deadly: a complete boredom.
Had our forefathers jointly recommended to postpone life satisfaction rather than to engage in it, because this desire is inseparable from having complications, humankind would be historical history maintained in dust. It would be a non-renewable for no one to see - no one except various creatures that, as opposed to people, would not have lost their will to live for excellent or ill and could be known as, for that reason, excellent creatures.
This loyality of a fearless lifestyle, however, ought to be certified. In the unlikely event that one should be absolutely disabled by an sickness or an injury and confused with problems, without the least probability of future restoration and satisfaction, the renunciation of the objectives and perhaps even of the lifestyle would be a reasonable option. It indeed appears that a persistent connection to the things of the wishes and a persistent attempt to fulfill these wishes would be shateringly ineffective and hence more silly than fearless if this satisfaction is not in any way possible.
Similarly, there are times when the bravest fighters have to confess beat and depend on their respect to quietly leave this globe through their blood loss injuries. Assuming their final quit is extremely extended, a other soldier may be right to facilitate it at their demand, since a sure but constant and painful loss of life seems really outrageous.

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