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Find You’re Happy On Yourself

Written By Zed Altair on Friday, April 12, 2013 | 10:41 PM

You know, I think it's really weird to look at other people's life and say "God I wish that was me" there was a time when I could understand some sort of reasoning behind it but looking back now I wish I could of gave myself a good slap in the face! I can guarantee that nobody else in the world is going to have that exact same measurement of love that only you can put into it, because you are the only individual who can put yourself into what you are doing.
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Life can be very enjoyable no matter what situations you may be going through at the time, it always gets better. There are no excuses when it comes to now, making better choices and learning from past mistakes are sometimes all we can do to open new windows for happiness. Obtaining a brand new way of thinking is as easy as changing an attitude or finding a new hobby, even just taking a walk or a bike ride. As long as you are breathing then you have a chance, a chance to finally follow through with all the ideas you may have had at one point. Easier said than done most would say when it feels like there's no hope because all that you've tried has failed, well is it any wonder? Without failure there is no success.

Happiness is a place and sometimes a journey; it can be reached by the step of a foot, a pick of a flower or even just a happy thought. Every life is a life worth living and every life has equal value. Just keep giving, mindlessly and effortlessly and you will selflessly obtain all the happiness one can handle because one cannot be happy without another or the love from another physically or spiritually.

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